Alleged Nokia 8.1 plus renders show company joining the punch-hole bandwagon

Ever since HMD global took over the Nokia brand, the company has been consistently releasing gorgeous phones with the vanilla Android One. Courtesy of 91 mobiles  we now have a first look for a phone supposedly the Nokia 8.1 plus, and seems like the company is following in the footsteps of Huawei and Samsung, jumping in on the punch-hole display bandwagon.

The renders released closely resemble last year’s Nokia 8.1 and the major difference appears on the front and the camera department.

As mentioned above the renders show the phone will be sporting a display cutout for the selfie camera along with a bit of chin below the screen. Looks like the Nokia 8.1 will be the last notched phone from Nokia.

According to 91mobiles the device should come with a 6.2-inches FHD+ display and surprise not surprise a 3.5 mm headphone jack! If the phone indeed comes with a headphone jack kudos to Nokia! The headphone jack is to be positioned at the top with a USB-C charging port at the bottom.

Like most Nokia phones the Nokia 8.1 plus will come with a glossy glass back with the fingerprint sensor and dual cameras on top. The specs of the camera seems to be a mystery as of now.

As for the internal specs we don’t know anything and 91mobiles too don’t seem to have any idea. The pricing and availability of the device is unknown too. But it is good to see Nokia embracing the market trends and slowly but steadily establishing itself in the market.

What do you think about the Nokia 8.1 plus? Is the punch-hole better than a notch? Type your opinions in the comment below.

Finally! Android Q may bring system-wide dark mode

It’s been a while since Google started rolling out dark modes in its various apps. Over the course of last year Google apps like Contacts, YouTube, Play Games, Phone, Messages, and some parts of Google Maps have received the battery friendly and less eye blinding dark mode. Android Pie was supposed to come with the most wanted system-wide dark mode but when the latest android version started rolling out we were left to keep dreaming. But thanks to a new post we can get our hopes up and that Android Q might finally land the feature.

In a post (now made inaccessible by Google) in Chromium bug tracker (spotted by Android Police), Googler Lukasz Zbylut stated that

Dark mode is an approved Q feature […] The Q team wants to ensure that all preloaded apps support dark mode natively. In order to ship dark mode successfully, we need all UI elements to be ideally themed dark by May 2019.

 He also pointed out that there will be master setting for the Dark mode under Settings>Display>Dark Mode. He later pointed it to Settings>Display>Night Mode, so we don’t know which one it’s gonna be. As for me I don’t really care as long as I can turn the phone dark!

Interestingly though the post dates back to October 2018, so we don’t know if its still relevant. Google might or might not have changed their mind, but we can only hope. We still can’t say for sure that it will come with Android Q but at least we can be sure that Google indeed is legitimately working on a system-wide dark mode. And Google making the post inaccessible only fuels it further.

Here’s an excerpt from the post if you want to go through it all

How to: Keep your smartphone alive with these simple battery tricks

Its 2019 already, and we still don’t have a battery that lasts an eternity with a single charge. Just kidding. But seriously even in 2019 we have phones that don’t last a full day. No matter how careful you are with your phones battery throughout your day, at the end you go home and the first thing you do is plug in your charger.

So with the following tips you can somewhat extend your battery life and keep your phone alive

1. Modify your location services
The location service when active on high accuracy sucks the life out of your battery like a vacuum cleaner. There are settings which reduce the impact of location service in your device’s settings, Head over to settings>Location and set the mode to GPS only. What happens in this mode is that the location is determined only with the GPS and no Wi-Fi or mobile network is used. Use this mode if you don’t use the location based apps like maps more often. This trick alone can hugely boost your battery’s life.

2. Disable the Auto Brightness
You can’t deny that you love your screen to be more colorful and more bright. But brightness is nemesis of your phone’s battery. When the adaptive or auto brightness is on your battery literally hanging by the thread. Turing off the adaptive brightness might cause you some trouble while trying to use the phone outdoors and manually adjust the brightness but that sacrifice will help to stay your phone alive for a longer period and I think that’s what counts more.
Another setting to use to your benefit is the screen timeout. The longer time you have set the more it affects so try to set it to the minimum time limit which is seconds in most android phones.

3. Turn Battery saver on
Okay I know this sounds ridiculous but hear me out. There are more than one battery saving modes on android phones. These modes have different settings that can help to optimize your battery life. Using battery saver will surely impact your background processes and apps but considering the amount of battery you can save the trade-offs are minor.

4. Use wrappers or ‘lite’ version of apps
Everyone knows how much of a battery sucking vampire the official Facebook app, Messenger and Chrome are. Consider using the lite versions of Facebook and Messenger app or browser like Chromer and Cake Browser. Or you can use wrappers for these apps which take less storage and consume less power and energy. And even the usability isn’t that much different but the real difference is how much strain on your battery is reduced.

5. Embrace the darkness
Though this trick works more in favor of those with OLED screen, that doesn’t mean LCDs can’t take the advantage. Even Google is implementing dark modes in most of its applications. Implementing dark themes on supported apps like TwitterPocket, Telegram and more. Using a dark theme and a dark wallpaper can significantly reduce the strain on your battery and you have to admit that everything dark looks really cool!

6. Limit background processes and apps
If you are like me and don’t need more apps that need to be run in the background this can be a great way to extend your battery life. In android the background process optimization by default is not that good and you have to take the matters into your own hand. Apps and processes use your data and energy constantly even if you are not running those apps. These run in the background to provide various services like push notifications, for sync purposes and such. Limiting the background process will limit the functionality of the apps and processes but as I said before if you are like me, totally worth it.
For limiting background process head over to device Settings>Developers Options>Background Process Limit and choose according to your preference. You can also restrict background data and process for individual apps. For that head to Settings>Apps>Data Usage>Restrict Background Data

7. Use Greenify
Let me tell you, Greenify works wonders. This app is a life saver. Greenify allows you to hibernate apps when they aren’t running in foreground thus restricting the apps to run in background. Unlike the native android setting to limit background process you can choose which app you want to hibernate and which you want to let run. But be careful about what you choose as many of the apps are required to run in the background by the system itself.

Follow these tips and you will be able to keep your phone alive for a lot more than you usually do. And if there are any other tips that I haven’t talked about let me know in the comments.

Huawei P30 to bring back the now rare headphone jack (Supposedly)

Huawei’s P20 and P20 Pro phones rocked the world last year with their awesome camera and unparalleled night mode. With the gradient back and the triple camera setup the P20 was one of a kind phone and Huawei looks like is going to return with the successor to those universally acclaimed phones with P30 and P30 pro.

Though there hasn’t been any rumors relating to the pro model, the P30’s renders has been released  courteousy of OnLeaks. The removal of the fingerprint sensor from the rear panel is the biggest change from the previous version.

On the front the chin has been shrunken too and so has the iPhone X style wide notch to be replaced by a small, waterdrop notch similar to OnePlus 6T. The device seems to be quite the looker with the gradient fininsh being retained with a new gorgeous looking sea blue.

Since the fingerprint sensor is not in the back it might be placed under the display similar to what Huawei has done with the Mate 20 Pro. Along the sides, it seems like the device is getting the colored power button like Mate 20 Pro.

The most pleasant surprise though comes in the form of the return of 3.5 mm headphone jack. The last years model had no headphone jack included and because of that this information should be taken with a grain of salt as it is pretty rare for a company to bring back something they have chosen to ditch. It would be really cool if the information turns out to be true and I hope that other manufactures do the same.

The renders show that the device to be equipped with triple camera setups which wasn’t the case for P20. The P20 had only two lens and the triple lens was reserved for the pro model but that seem to have changed with P30. The three lens are likely 40 megapixel main shooter and a 5x optical zoom with the third being the wide angle lens.

As for under the hood the device will likely be powered with the new Kirin 9 chipset supported by 6 or 8 Gigabytes of ram and 128 or 256 Gigabytes of storage. The capacity of the battery might be huge 4000 mAh and support wireless and Quick charging.
What do you think about the leaked renders about P20? Let me know in the comments below.

Xiaomi might just be working on a Tri-Panel foldable phone

Xiaomi:The more the merrier, eh?

Source:Evan Blass
Just a few weeks ago when Samsung showed us its foldable phone demo it felt like an innovation and how futuristic it looked. Fast forward to the first week of January and that phone already looks like an old school. The one and only Evan Blass has posted a video in his Twitter account about a phone just a few days after the Nokia 9 Pureview leaks which is supposed to be foldable phone made by Xiaomi.

Since 2019 is gonna be the year of foldable phones Xiaomi might have been thinking “Since someone’s gonna fold it once why don’t we try to fold it twice. The more the merrier right?” And here we are looking at a video of a phone which can fold three times albeit with three times the thickness.

Evan Blass himself isn’t sure if the phone is from Xiaomi but boy does it look flipping awesome. (See what I did there?) In the video below posted my Evan Blass on his Twitter account we can see that the user opening and using the Google maps in a tablet mode and after closing the app, the phone is folded twice, once from either side to form a phone with a more compact form and the UI shifts accordingly. 
Sure the phone has its imperfections, visibly the display issues but even then of all the foldable phones we have seen this one is the most complete and elegant of all. Xiaomi itself hasn’t responded to the leak and no official news of foldable phone being made has come out of the company. And it raises all the questions about how the apps are gonna work and how the camera is gonna be setup. Will the foldable part function after being folded? Well whatever it is gonna be we can’t deny that foldable phones are here and the hype is real, and we are definitely excited for it. 

Top 10 best android apps of 2019

Howdy y’all! New year is already two days old and I wish you all a happy new year and hope that you got your year going with a bang.

So with the new year I am starting a new series: Best apps of. This is going to be a regular series throughout the year and I will be posting about the best apps of every month. In this series I will be talking about apps that have caught my attention and that are a punch above regular apps. Let’s get the series started with a look at the best android apps for the new year. In no particular order here are the top 10 best android apps of 2019:
Ever since I got this app installed in my phone I have been a fan of it. Its everything a navigation feeling should be. Its responsive, its useful and its fluid (pun intended). You can customize the gestures to your liking with gestures like back, recent and home as well as Google Assistant, Google search, switching between last apps and so on. The animations are sleek and the gestures are a joy to use. Definitely try the app.

I have already talked about KLCK in my previous post about How to: The best apps to customize your android. KLCK is basically a lock screen app that lets you create and tweak the lock screen to your heart’s content.You can customize and add everything in this app and there are endless possibilities. Some of the things that you can add and show on your lock screen are weather, tasks, music player, lock screen message, animations and so on.

Bouncer: Temporary App Permissions
The app is still in beta but even then it managed create waves in 2018 and for good reasons. Amidst all the privacy concerns and data leaks this app provides just the level of security we require. As suggested by the name this app provides temporary permissions to the apps and you can revoke them any time from the notification area or schedule to revoke itself anytime you want. The app uses accessibility service and doesn’t require or access Internet so you can be assured that this app will not transmit any data at all. This a must have app for anyone with security concerns. Faster & Safer Internet
Cloudflare’s is a DNS server which is focused on providing faster service alongside security. The app uses android’s native VPN service which means you won’t be able to use other VPN service of your choice while the app is in use. But that catch is somewhat foreshadowed by the fact that this is probably the fastest DNS server you can take advantage of.

CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher)
CPL is a launcher and it has all the goodies and more that made the Pixel launcher so sweet. Along with the basic functions provided by the Pixel launcher, CPL provides more such as features like your selected icon packs, grid size, padding, customizable app drawer and gestures and swipes and many more. You gotta try the app to experience the sweetness of this app.

Cake Web Browser
Cake web browser is an app that makes browsing the web swift and fluid. It makes the browsing hassle free and more intuitive. The swipe function provided by the browser ingenious. Every time you search in the browser you can view your results by simply swiping on the screen like Tinder or Snapchat (as mentioned in the Play store description). And you don’t have to worry about losing your search result page as the viewing page is different from the search page. Also the browser provides inbuilt ad-block service which is an added bonus.

Canva: Graphic design
Canva is a app that can be used to graphic design, creating logo and much more. You can create YouTube thumbnail, resumes, presentation slides, social media posts and so on. There are more than a million templates to choose from so you are bound to find something that catches your eye. Or if there ain’t something that your like which is highly unlikely, then you can upload your own pictures for editing to your liking.Use this app to boost your social media posts or use it for your next class or job presentation and wow your audience.

Walli is a wallpaper app and a unique one at that. It is a collection of wallpapers created by designers within the app sort of Instagram. You can follow the designers and like the pictures. You can download the picture in the standard smart phone display format or a square format. The most significant feature of the app is that it provides credit to the original artists who created the graphics.

It’s been more than two years and still no keyboard app has been able to replace Fleksy in my phone. It has been my go to keyboard more more than two years and is probably the first app that I install in any new phone that I get. Once you use this app you will know what I am talking about. It provides one of the most accurate  auto correct service and other features like swipe to space and backspace are hard to not get addicted to and I recommend this app to every android users. Beside that it also provides some extensions to boost productivity and make it fun to use like number row on top, invisible keyboard, and badges as achievements are unlocked. And it also has customization and themes so you can turn the keyboard to whatever you like.

Datally: data saving app by Google
Datally is a data saving app by Google (duh!). You can track your data in real time, set data usage limit, stop data usage by unused apps and so on. With Datally you have complete control over your data and how you make use of it.

These are my best apps of 2019 (and 2018). Which are your best apps and which apps do you recommend to other users? Comment below