Google Pulls Plug On Its Unloved Social Networking Site: Google Plus

Earlier this year news broke out that Google will be pulling plugs on its unloved social networking site and direct competitor to Facebook, Google Plus consumer version. After series of data leaks and denial Google finally admitted that there indeed were data leaks and along with that confession came the announcement that it will be shutting down its unsuccessful social site. But in order to give some time to the users who still used Google plus (including me) Google announced that it will shut down the platform in August of 2019.

 But news surfaced that there was another leak early December and that it might have affected 52 million users compromising their usernames, emails, age and occupation. So in the light of this recent leak Google announced that it will be closing the curtain on its child in April of 2019, four month earlier than it announced it will.


The API of Google + will be shut down  within the next 90 days. In October a vulnerability was revealed to have disclosed user data and that the vulnerability was live for as long as three years. The news was only disclosed on October even though the bug was discovered in March raising concerns over transparency and privacy of the users.

Google might have decided to close the curtains over their unloved and unsuccessful site but the users who still use Google plus are loyal to the site and have voiced that no other site provide the same platform and same experience. Nonetheless, the consumer version of Google + is still shutting down and people have started looking for alternatives. I still hope that Google will come out with some new platform that will provide sanctuary to the loyal fan base of Google +. RIP Google +

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