Via:Computer World

In the smartphone world of screen size with more than five and a half inches iPhone SE came as a sigh of relief with a small screen size of just four inches. People with small hands and people who just love a small form factor loved the SE. It was the cheapest iPhone at the time but ran on the same chip and had the same camera as the iPhone 6s. But Apple decided to cut it out from its lineup.

Now Apple has brought back its device from the cold to the shelves at a price of $249 for the 32 GB model (down from the original $349) and $299 for a 128 GB version (a sharp drop from the initial $449) as a clearance item. And mind you these are not refurbished or used models but rather new shiny ones.

For the price this device is still a steal. You get the above mentioned storage, a very capable camera, a chip that is still as good and a phone that can actually fit in your hands and pockets.

The device comes at a critical time for Apple with its declining sales in China and sanctions on its devices in various regions. Perhaps thought it will provide with more choice for users or just that it could do more with more devices. And it just might help Apple as it hits that sweet spot of balance between power and price of the device.

Update, Monday 21 Jan: Sold Out! No idea how many were sold but the clearance page no more shows the device and is sold out.