An initial prototype that folds from both sides.

Earlier this month a video leaked, allegedly of a foldable phone by Xiaomi and now its official. A teaser released by the company shows its foldable in all its glory and boy oh boy does it look good. Without a doubt, hands down this is the most practical implementation of the foldable technology in a phone.

Lin Bin, Xiaomi’s co-founder and president, took to Weibo to post the teaser video. The phone can be folded from both sides to form a compact form factor. In the minute long video clip, Mr. Lin is seen using the phone in a tablet mode and later folding both sides of the device to reveal a compact phone while the interface is seen to be adjusting to the effect and staying stable after a while.

There are not much to go on about and Lin states that it is just a prototype. Bin does note Xiaomi has conquered “a series of technical problems such as flexible folding screen technology, four-wheel drive folding shaft technology, flexible cover technology, and MIUI adaptation.” But we can see in the video that MIUI has adapted to the foldable phone.

According to TechCrunch, there is no official word on either the phone will be released or not and Xiaomi is still weighing up the move but when asked about the post, replied “If you like it, we will consider making a mass production machine in the future.”

Other than Xiaomi, a handful of other manufacturers are tipped to release foldable phones this year with Samsung leading the pack and Huawei, LG not far behind. This year surely looks exciting even though the phones probably breaking the bank.