Gmail app for Android and iOS updated with an all-white material theme redesign

No dark mode in sight. Light prevails over the dark.
Gmail for Android and ios get revamped
Gmail then and now

Back in 2014 Google introduced its Material Design, and was changed to Material Theme in 2018. Google previewed the Material Theme for Gmail in 2018 and now Gmail is finally getting that Material Theme revamp. With the update the app is going all white and getting features that were introduced to Gmail web.

Gone is the familiar red top bar. The whole top bar now acting as a search bar with the account switcher on the top right. Not a lot whole is different though as the ‘compose mail’ icon is right where it used to be, the bottom right corner but a tad different with multicolored plus sign to the previous red button with white pencil glyph.

The top right corner houses the account switcher which displays switch account screen right on top of the app, front and center rather than having to head to the navigation drawer. The top left corner houses the hamburger button for the navigation drawer.

Gmail updated to material theme

One of the standout feature which was introduced to Gmail web was the attachment preview. Attachments are now seen right below the messages like the Gmail web and you can now view the attachments without having to open your mail. Google has also provided the “comfortable” and “compact” density options that remove attachment previews and avatars, respectively.

Google fonts are used throughout the app and it now also displays the red danger sign for phishing warning that was available for the Gmail web.

All in all this is not a new design if you have been using Gmail web for a while now with the all white design, Google fonts and rounded corners.

Gmail updated to material theme-2

In the light of Google encouraging developers to use dark modes in their apps with Google’s other apps like YouTube and Contacts getting dark mode and Android Q rumored to come with system wide dark mode this all white redesign seems ironic to say the least.

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