The feature will land with Firefox 66 in March.
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When you are working on your computer and on your own world then suddenly out of nowhere comes disturbing and distracting sounds. You scour your browser tabs to find the source of the distraction. It sure is a pain in the ass, isn’t it? Well lucky for you, Firefox will come with an option to disable autoplay audio and videos in its next update: Firefox 66.

Microsoft and Google have provided the feature in their Edge and Chrome browser for a while now and surely Firefox is late to the game but it sure is a welcome feature. Any kind of audible audio or video will be muted by default unless you hit the ‘play’ button to initiate the audio.

In a blog post, Mozilla engineer Chris Pearce stated that the feature will land with Firefox’s next version on March 19. By default, muted autoplay will be allowed, which means only the sound will be muted, but the video or audio will be running.

Users can curate their own whitelist of sites where they want to allow the autoplay audio. For that, while on the website click on the url site information and in the ‘Permissions’ section change the default ‘Autoplay sound’ from ‘Block’ to ‘Allow’.

Even if late to the game, the feature is a welcome change for users.