It’s been a great year, and I am really looking forward to the next year. Like me for many of the tech giants 2018 was a colossal year in terms of revenue, popularity and success as a whole. Apple became the first American company to reach the $1 Billion market cap, Huawei shipped 200 million phones (lets ignore its company personnel getting arrested), Oneplus entered the American soil officially, Google made estimated $3 Billion with Made by Google, Amazon‘s Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world with $160 Billion net worth, and so on. Companies like Snap, Yelp! And IBM had a turbulent year. 

Noticed that I didn’t pick the name of one of the prominent tech giant? Yep its Facebook alright. If there’s one company whose 2018 couldn’t get any worse its Facebook. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal at the beginning of the year and more recently the various data and privacy related issues really created a dent on Facebook credibility. With the recent news that Facebook shared user data with other companies like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and a 150 other companies. Facebook provided these companies ability to access and even delete user’s messages which is a huge issue and has raised questions on user privacy and trust.

And as if all that were not enough already to round off the year Facebook now has the top spot in the list of the least trusted site of all on the internet. In a poll conducted by Fortune Facebook took the top spot for the least trustworthy company. According to the poll results only 22 percent of the users in the US trust facebook with their data. The poll results showed that Amazon is the most trusted company with 49 percent , followed by Google (41 percent), Microsoft (40 percent), and Apple (39 percent).

In another poll conducted by Toluna Facebook again claimed the top spot for the least trusted sites followed by  Twitter and Amazon tied on the second spot and Uber tailing on the third spot. According to the survey of 1000 people conducted by Toluna 40 percent of the people said they don’t trust Facebook with their data. Twitter and Amazon came second with 8 percent of people’s mistrust and Uber with 7 percent followed by Google at 6 percent.


Looks like Facebook is gonna have a busy year in 2018 if its going to earn the trust back.