How to: The best apps to customize your android.

You got a new android phone as a gift from someone or you bought yourself one. You powered it on, entered your Google account and installed some apps. But there is still some itching feeling you get every time you look at your phone’s interface. You see all these gorgeous interfaces and screenshots of phones while surfing the Internet and think: Gosh! I want my phone to look like that. Well despair no more as today I’ve compiled a list of all the apps that can be used to customize your phone as your liking.

Nova Launcher:All hail the king!
When it comes to Android customization, the first app that everyone recommends is Nova Launcher. It is considered to be the king of the android customization world. You can set the grid size, the dock, the wallpaper (obviously). Beside all these basic functions Nova launcher can be used to show unread notification, the google feed to the left of your home screen, search and add shortcuts with the help of plug-ins that Nova has in its pocket. You can also set gestures and swipes to function as you wish. All these functions and that’s why its hailed as the king of customization. Nova launcher is free in play store to download and all the basic functions are available. But to fully experience the greatness of this awesome app you will have to install the prime version which is a $4.99. Also, as of the time of publishing this post the prime version is on sale for the lowest price of $0.99. Hurry up before the deal expires.

Nova Prime

KLWP: Kustom Live Wallpaper 
KLWP is a relatively new app for android customization but it has become one of the undisputed winner in this field. So basically as the name suggests this is a live wallpaper app but its so much more than that. You can bend and twist this app to your liking and the sheer amount of customization ability provided by this app is overwhelming. For people new to this app browsing the presets developed by other customizers and using them will be easy unless you want to dive head first without having any knowledge whatsoever but you can still try to. KLWP is free in play store but for some advanced features and to use presets other than the one you created within the app yourself you will need the paid Pro key. Try this and you’ll fall in love with this app and everything it can do. Trust me!

KWGT:Kustom Widget Maker
KWGT is developed by the same developers as above mentioned KLWP app. KWGT provides almost the same function as KLWP albeit within the widgets. Other than some animation functions, KLWP and KWGT are on the same territory. Like KLWP presets developed by other users can be used in the app but for that it will require you to buy Pro key or you can just create your own. That way you’ll save money and learn the way it works.
KLCK:Kustom Lock Screen Maker
Another app developed by the same developer as KWGT and KLWP. KLCK is a lockscree app and functions similarly to KWGT and KLWP. These three apps are almost like a suite and combined produce the most beautiful results you have ever seen.KLCK too will require the Pro key to be installed to fully explore the app’s extent or can be used to build your own preset.
Zooper is a widget app and is almost similar to KWGT. KWGT is somewhat inspired by Zooper. Zooper came before KWGT and is still going strong. Like KWGT and the Kustom suite Zooper can be used and bent the way user want to or you can use presets from other developers. To use the app you can download free version but for presets from other developers will require the paid Pro key.
Icon Packs
Icon Packs can be used to customize the way your app icons look on the home screen or the app drawer or your folder. There are numerous icon packs in play store for you to download and make your phone look gorgeous. The icon packs that I use and recommend are UmbraPureDeltaSimpliconSimpax.

Beside these above mentioned various other apps like Smart launcher,

Pear launcher, CPL, and other live wallpaper apps can be used to customize your home screen make your friends ogle at your phone. Happy customizing!

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