Top android apps of January 2019

Top android apps of January 2019

January was a great month for me personally and now we are almost at the end. I have been scouring thorough the app store find apps that I like and you might like so as promised here are the top android apps of January. Also, note that even though I say apps it will include games too.

Memoria Photo Gallery: Free(with ads)/$0.99
Memoria Photo Gallery

Memoria Photo Gallery is the cleanest gallery app I have ever used. It has a beautiful material design, is fast and smooth. With the general use of gallery for viewing your photos and albums it provides extra features like a gallery vault to hide your photos or you can just hide the album as a whole, customizable themes and more. The free version comes with ads but you can buy the premium version to remove the ads and couple more features.

Mint Browser: Free
Mint Browser Screenshot

Xiaomi released its new light browser in play store and it is a great app. The browser is only 11 MB and still manages to provide tons of features. Incognito browsing, reading mode, voice search and a mobile data saver option. Although the browser is not full fledged browser like Chrome or Opera it provides great deal for the small size and you can get most of your browsing done with this one. The app is totally free without any ads or in-app purchases.

Cover: Free
Cover app screenshot

Now if you are afraid that there will be something embarrassing or NSFW content once you open your gallery or your message box in the public then this app is for you. What this app does is it scans your phone for NSFW contents and covers the content that are NSFW. This app can be used in your gallery, social media apps like reddit or Instagram or your messaging app like WhatsApp and Telegram. Whenever you receive an adult content in your message box (I believe we all have friends that do such things) this app goes to work and blurs out the content and covers it which will save you from an embarrassing moment.

Magic Screenshot: Longshot, Screen Record, No Root: Free (ads)
Magic Screenshot: Longshot, Screen Record, No Root Screenshot

Title says it all. I have tried many apps to take full page screenshot and hadn’t found one that I could count on and then this app gets recommended to me. It’s amazing. You can take long screenshots flawlessly and it is reliable. You can also use the app to record your screen or take selective screenshot. And best of all the app is free. You do have to get used to the occasional ads though.

Sync for reddit: Free/$5.23(Pro)
Sync for reddit

Sync for reddit is just that an app to browse reddit. But the features in offer by this app is long. Aside from using this app to browse reddit you can view your gallery, swipe for navigation, material theme, dark mode, long press to preview just to name a few. I have been using this app for as long as I have been using reddit (yep, it’s that good). You will have to pay $5.23 for the pro version but the free version will do just fine.

Limbo: $4.96
LImbo for android screenshot

One of the best game I’ve ever played and I know that it is not a new game and has been in the store since 2015 but for those who haven’t played the game even for the ones who have, let me tell you: this game is just hauntingly beautiful. It is creepy, it is sad and it is mind bending. Limbo is a puzzle game where a boy embarks on a journey to search for his lost sister. On the way the player will have to solve puzzles and continue with the journey. Its simple and minimalist but you will be left scratching your head at times. Definitely gets my thumbs up.

So these are the best apps of January for me. I hope you had a great month too. Tell me what you think of these apps and let me know apps that you have tried and love and recommend other user in the comment below.

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