The change in policy was prompted in part by the death of a teen.

Instagram is changing its instance on self-harm and suicide related posts. The company has vowed to remove graphic image from its online platform to create a safe online place, after the parents of a 14-years-old said the social site played part in their daughter’s death.

Molly Russell, a British teen, took her own life in 2017 at the age of 14, was said to have been viewing graphic images of self-harm and suicide on Instagram. The father of the teen is fighting to gain access to her data from Instagram and other social sites.

Instagram will introduce ‘sensitivity screen’ which will blur any graphic images related to self-harm. At first glance the contents will not be visible but will be able choose whether to view the content. Self-harm contents will not be shown and even hashtags will won’t be recommended at all.

Adam Mosseri said that Instagram cannot outright ban such content as people use the site to share their struggles and use it productively to help others with similar issues.

It’s a shame really that such heinous things are shared on a social site which is meant to bring people closer. With the change in their policies, Instagram is certainly going the right way and hopefully others will follow suit.