With Windows 10 Microsoft brought its Edge browser to succeed Internet Explorer, but it hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. Last we heard Microsoft was working on a chromium based Edge. Microsoft said that it will stop supporting new web standards for the Explorer.

And now Microsoft’s security chief has warned users not to use Internet Explorer as their default browser. Chris Jackson, who is the head of Microsoft’s cyber security, said that millions of users who are using Internet Explorer as their default browser are putting themselves at risk, (The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser to be exact)

Both developers and consumers are moving towards modern browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but some businesses still depend on Internet Explorer for older web apps. Though a number of websites currently work on Internet Explorer, new apps will not be integrated into the service.

“We’re not supporting new web standards for it and, while many sites work fine, developers by and large just aren’t testing for Internet Explorer these days. They’re testing on modern browsers.” Mr. Jackson said in a blog post.
“We want you to use IE for the sites that need it – what I’m trying to say here is that I hope you don’t use it for everything else,” he said in a comment in the blog post. Internet Explorer is just a compatibility solution, Jackson warns.

Edge browser wasn’t available to users in Windows 7 or 8, which led IT admins to rely on Internet Explorer. With the news that a chromium-based Edge browser is in the works and that it will be available for Windows 7 and 8 will hopefully push the move away from Internet Explorer and its legacy code.