Google has a new extension for Chrome that will let you know if your passwords are in the wrong hands.

If you have been on the web for a while, and I am sure you have been then you know that it is a scary place. Then you also know that there is a good chance that one of your accounts’ passwords has been compromised. Don’t believe me? Have a look at this data breach.

Lucky for you, Google has your back on that one as well. Google has released a new extension named ‘Password Checkup’ which, when logged into a site looks up if your password has been compromised.

Once installed, the extension will check whether your password’s safe to use every time you log into a website. If not, you’ll get a message that one or more of your password has been compromised in a data breach and prompt you to change the password.

The extension works similar to HaveIBeenPawned, which lets you look up if your usernames and passwords have been hacked. When you enter the password, the extension will look up a database of 4 billion credentials that have been part of a data breach.

The extension is a simple yet very, very, very handy tool if you’re like me who spends most of their time online and has multiple accounts. This is a must-have tool for everyone who is conscious about online security and privacy.

Now I know it’s hard to come to terms that the extension is released by Google and to trust it. But Google says that the extension is designed to never reveal your passwords and that your passwords will not be seen by Google. It will only store hashed, partial codes for unsafe passwords in your browser.

Hopefully the extension will be baked into the browser in future updates but until then you should take advantage of the extension.

You can get the extension from this page.